Asia Innova

Madrid, 21-22 November 2017. Valencia, 20 November 2017.

Asian cities are leading the global Smart City revolution. The Smart City concept, which mainly refers to sustainable development of cities, embraces a wide range of areas, such as smart mobility, energy efficiency, the fourth Industrial Revolution, Big Data and start-ups ecosystems, among others. All of them are crucial for the development and sustainability of the future of our environment and economies. Global Smart City initiatives are increasingly important for entrepreneurs, citizens, decision makers, private companies and researchers.

Asia Innova, Casa Asia’s main programme related with innovation and technological cooperation, will focus on this revolution to explore future opportunities for cooperation and to seek technological and business collaboration with Asian cities. The following issues will be discussed:

  • How does the United Nations New Urban Agenda include different aspects of sustainable development?
  • What use of digital technologies is made by globally recognized Smart Cities?
  • What smart use of digital technologies do those cities called Smart Cities follow?
  • What do the best known Smart Cities do to be digital technology smart users? How can cities become enables of innovation and sources of ideas and solutions?
  • How do partnerships with Asia directly benefit this Smart City revolution? 
  • Why is connectivity crucial for developing technological hubs and start-up ecosystems?
  • What funding tools, cooperation programmes, business alliances and trade fairs should we think about in order to achieve positive results?

Asia Innova 2017 will bring together experts from Asia’s most dynamic technological cities and representatives from leading associations of cities committed to sustainable development. The main objective will be to exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s best practices with local counterparts. Urban stakeholders, public servants and leading players from start-ups, R&D centres and universities are invited to discuss business and opportunities for working together with Asia.

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